Monday, October 11, 2010

Insurance Companies Do Nor Cover Harm Caused by Non-ionising Radiation

Why employers should minimise microwave exposure of their workers? Take a look at the Occupational exposure section of Chronic Exposure.

More about insurance dilemmas in the Disconnect book by Devra Davis.

Please, read it.

Stricter installation guidelines for base stations in India

'The guidelines have also specified that base station antennae should be at least three metres away from nearby buildings and should not directly face the building. The lower end of the antenna should be three meters above the ground or the roof. ' Hindustan Times, September 2nd 2010.

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The Master Epidemiologist Writes about Radar - from 1997

Professor John R. Goldsmith showed the genotoxic potential of radar installations in his old, but highly relevant paper:

"Epidemiologic Evidence Relevant
to Radar (Microwave) Effects. Environmental Health Perspectives , Vol. 105, Supplement 6, December 1997."

Talking about environment: Why there are more and more weather radar installations and no public discussion about risks? Climate research with microwaves that speeds up climate change?