Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Extensive Review of Biological Effects from ICEMS

The ICEMS Monograph: "Non-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter"
- edited by Livio Giuliani and Morando Soffritti for the "European Journal of Oncology" - Library Vol. 5 of the National Institute for the Study and Control of Cancer and Environmental Diseases "Bernardo Ramazzini", Bologna, Italy, 2010, Part I and Part II.

This review can be downloaded at:
"The point is, protection against non ionizing radiation, based on parameters adopted by international standards organizations, seems not to be adequate, despite the statement of Ms Van Deventer, nor able to protect people and workers. This is convincingly shown in the paper by Devra Davis, Om Ghandi and colleagues in this monograph."

"For instance, in the aqueous solution of the Zhadin experiment, we witnesss an ion
current peak - that can be detected in the order of 10-100 nA - when we apply a suitable
combination of DC-AC magnetic fields. But the AC field is very weak: in the order of
10nT! And the DC field is like the geomagnetic one: there is no transfer of energy able
to induce an alteration in the system temperature. It is not only a non thermal effect; it
is an athermal effect!"

Who believes in ICNIRP guidelines any more?

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